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Why is it important your site loads fast?

In this blog we're going to talk about why the speed of your website matters so much. Google research shows that a slow loading website will lose at least 32% of visitors. This is quite a startling figure, yet slow page speed continues to be a widespread issue among websites.

Research also shows that 14% of your audience will start looking at another site if your page loads are slow, and 23% will simply stop the shopping experience or walk away from the computer altogether.

Slow loading web page

Your slow loading website will lose you money

10 years ago, Amazon found that every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales. Google found an extra 0.5 seconds in search page generation time dropped traffic by 20%. A broker could lose big money in revenues per millisecond if their electronic trading platform is 5 milliseconds behind the competition. That's crazy, right? 

When it comes to technology, the public have no patience - and their impatience is growing thanks to the increased use of handheld devices and super fast internet.

Talking of handheld devices

Modern consumers don't just shop online using a pc, they shop on mobile phones, tablets, on Alexa and even via watches. Therefore, websites built before the explosion of handheld technology need to think about updating - fast.

Today's e-commerce websites need to be lightning fast to perform well on all devices, whether that is through website optimisation or even a custom-built app.

84% of people experienced difficulty completing a mobile e-commerce transaction - and a whopping 40% of them are likely to switch to a competitor site immediately afterwards.

Mobile transactions are already exploding into action with 53% of all online purchases been conducted on mobile devices. Don't miss out, make sure your site is fast and optimised for handheld devices - just like all the websites we build.

As always, I've enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you all. Until next time.

James Osguthorpe

21 April 2023

James Osguthorpe

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