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Why Avoid Website Builders

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Why you should avoid website builders.

Today we are talking about website building platforms like Wix and GoDaddy. These Build a Website in 60 Minutes platforms might be simple and quick, but they aren't always your best option for you and your business.

Most people think this easy solution is perfect for what they need. You can cheaply create a website yourself and it'll only take you a few hours. In our experience this is rarely the case.

If we had a penny for every client who approaches us saying "I have a Wix website but it's driving me mad" or "I have a GoDaddy website but I broke it trying to change something".

A penny for every Wix or GoDaddy client

But they're cheap, right?

Well, are they cheap? Sure, at first they seem cheap; you grab a free template, copy your content into it and away you go. However, you will soon discover the issues with these free templates. You will, at some point, want to alter something - maybe you want that image on the left, a button adding or your content doesn't fit .

So, you need to spend a few hours trying to make these small changes, only to discover you have made a mess of everything and the whole website now looks out of position. Now you need to spend more time fighting with this free website. You will soon discover that even the smallest pixel change can make a huge difference.

Also, this templates isn't just your template, made just for you. Anyone one can use this free template. And they will. Now your website looks identical to hundreds of others.

And don't forget, this isn't free at all. Remember, nothing is ever free. You do need to pay a monthly cost, which can usually soon add up if you want to start adding features and services. This is how these companies make their money!

Expensive Wix and GoDaddy

And what about search engines?

Wix has had a negative reputation for a long time with the SEO community. The problem lies around site speed and excess code. If you drag and drop things, bits of code is always left behind. A spare bit of code here and there, and you have a serious problem with load speed. And Google does check your code for these things. Google wants to give people quality websites, well coded and fast loading.

Your free website, which is costing you money every month, and loads slowly because you've dragged things around trying to make small amendments, now doesn't even show on search results.

Wix and GoDaddy no search results

And our conclusion?

Honestly, website development might seem like you drag a button here and put an image there, but this is a skilled art which has taken myself 12 years to master. You simply cannot do this properly with no experience or understanding of coding languages... in 60 minutes!

You think you're saving some money doing it yourself... this isn't a shelf in the kitchen... this is your business! This is the difference between "Well I tried" and "My business, my dream, my ideas, it is all working"

We have been doing this for over a decade, we know how to make a good, reliable website. And the surprise... you might find our services cheaper than you thought. 

As always, I've enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you all. Until next time, everyone.

James Osguthorpe

05 January 2023

James Osguthorpe

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